One Plus One Equals 110

Yak 55 Aircraft + Yak 55 Aircraft

+ GE J-85 Jet Engine = YAK 110

The Yak 110 aircraft was originally conceived by renowned Airshow pilot Jeff Boerboon and Master Mechanic Dell Coller in 2013.

Over the next year and a half, Jeff and Dell began to assemble the team of personnel, airplanes, engineering, and equipment that would be required to bring their dream from concept to reality.

In September of 2016 the help of a longtime friend Chad Bartee was enlisted to aid in the acquisition of the Yak 55 aircraft that would be used in this unusual marriage.

In October of 2016 the first two major pieces of the puzzle were coming together. The Yak 55 (N41126) and the Yak 55 (N955SF) were flown to an airport in Caldwell, ID and then pushed inside Dell’s Aero Speed Shop for the work to begin.

After nineteen months of intense effort by the team the newly christened Yak 110 flew its first Airshow in Mountain Home, ID.

The Yak 110 is the result of many great people coming together with an incredible passion for aviation innovation and is a re-purposing of two aerobatic aircraft that will certainly inspire the next generation of aviation enthusiasts.

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