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AC Air Technology


Flying Eyes Optics

Sliding the Flying Eyes glasses on with my helmet or while wearing a hat is a breeze with no discomfort due to the micro-thin temples. More

Hooker Harness

There simply is no other option when it comes to staying secure in the Yak 110! More

Lift Aviation

I love the heel sliding technology in the Lift Aviation Shoes combined with their light weight helmet to provide a safe and functional environment while flying the Yak 110. More

Matco Manufacturing

Matco Manufacturing did an amazing job creating the one of a kind brake system required for our four main landing gear configuration. The two left fuselage brakes are activated by the left brake pedal and the two right brakes by the right brake pedal. The outside wheels have a larger braking capability to allow for proper differential braking. More

MT Propeller

MT Propeller custom built the two full feathering M-14 Propellers used on the Yak 110. More