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Jeff Boerboon

Jeff Boerboon (pronounced like the Whiskey). Jeff flew the public debut of the one and only Yak-110 at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2018. The Yak-110 is a one-off design that was constructed by joining two Yak-55 fuselages and a jet engine mounted in between. Jeff, who has previously flown performances in the Jack Link’s Jet Waco The Screamin’ Sasquatch, became inspired to fly aerobatics when he was only seven years old after attending the EAA convention in Oshkosh. As a student at the Univers... More

Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is the crew chief for the YAK 110. He ensures that the aircraft is flight ready when the plane is on tour. Having been in aviation for over a decade, Ben has flown and worked on many different types of aircraft. He has worked in the air show industry for the last couple of years and has been involved in various projects. Some of his endeavors have made it into a couple of aviation publications. Ben's own restored and modified plane, the Midwing Special, was in the June edition of ... More

Dell Coller

Dell is the quintessential "airport kid". With a grandfather having fought in WWII on Spitfires and a Dad who was an air traffic controller and pilot for 50 years, Dell has aviation in his blood. Buying a Cessna 150 at 16 with some friends, Dell learned to fly early on. Also interested in all things mechanical, Dell combined his interests with his sense of duty and served 6 years with the Air National Guard as a crew chief on the C-130 Hercules. Having gained valuable experience from the ... More

Chad Bartee

Chad is from Lubbock,TX. His love for flying and planes started early when he would ride up front and sleep in the back of a 140 while his dad was night flying for his commercial license! Chad has been lucky enough to have been flying for nearly 30 years. The Yak 110 project rekindled his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating and developing unique interesting concepts. When he is not flying around the world for his company. Chad enjoys flying aerobatics and most of all ... More